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Jesus is the most inclusive guy you’ve ever met

  Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash "'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6 NIV). At first glance, this seems overly exclusive. Jesus is the only way? But on further inspection, we find that Jesus' offer is quite unique from other religions and, in fact, incredibly inclusive." --Louie Giglio Jesus of Nazareth was from a small town, likely learned his father's trade as a carpinter, and lived in relative obscurity until about age 30.  His public ministry lasted about 3 years.  That's about 1000 days, and in that short time, he inspired about 120 folks to become committed followers. Within about 6 months of his death and burial and resurrection, his followers' numbers swelled to well over 3000 committed followers.  In about two generations the mediterrean cities had certainly heard of the Christ, and within a decade his followers earned a new name, "Christiani",

Dad: Top 10 Ways to Build Connection with Our Kids, Part 2

Search " Man in Many Roles " on your favorite podcast app or click " PODCAST " at the top of this page.  Can't wait for your comments! Welcome Back to part 2 of the Top 10 Routines to Connect with Our Kids!  Part 1 , and the rest of the top 10 list is HERE .   Let's continue the Top 10 Routines to Connect with Our Kids: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash  5. Constant reminders of the family motto  In my family's case, the motto is: Help, Teach, Protect.  That's what I would like my boys to focus on, so we have a routine of tying our conversations, discipline, and correction back to our motto.   Help  means to make things easier, even if you don't want to.  I taught my boys I expect them to help, but they don't always have to like it initially.  I taught them they can say, "I don't want to, but I will."  Teach  means to be a good example, and older siblings need to direct their focus to help the younger, rather than criticizing o

ChaCha and I Have a Much Needed Heart to Heart

  Sometimes you gotta say it.   There's something in your teeth.  You missed a button.   Your zipper is down.  You hurt my feelings.   I lied, and I regret it.  Please forgive me. Sometimes it's just fun to be honest with your dog.  It makes me think I should practice honesty with ChaCha more often.  The way she moves her head when I talk directly to her is endearing and shows she's right with me.  Oh, to be as present as a dog... to simply be in the moment is what I want to do more and more, and with more and more ease.  And, when was the last time you talked to your pet? Pet Food & Supplies With whom are you honest?  How often?  What do you need to confess?  Who do you need to offer kind, honest, direct feedback?  Please comment:  Just for fun: What else should I discuss with ChaCha? More blog content Mondays and Wednesdays, new podcasts Fridays .  Follow  @maninmanyroles  on Twitter.  Subscribe to email notifications using the button at the top of this page. P

Dad: Top 10 Ways to Connect with Our Kids

Mike Scheid on Unsplash This week I'm continuing the focus on our Father role.   Our brains are wired for connection.  We know when we are left out, and we feel shame when we are not connected or included.  Ever been picked last for the recess soccer game?  Well, it stinks, so let's build better connections more consistently.  This week, I'm sharing what has worked well to focus my sons' attention at home, help them to be helpful, and generally what works best in my fathering two very different boys. So here are my top 10 ideas to build a routine of connection with our kids. 10. Phones forward This is a simple rule: that we are not on phones in the car.  Car time is time to look around, observe, ask questions, and have conversations. This is a blessing and a curse because we can never seem to get through a song before another conversation arises, but it's worth allowing the boys to talk freely.  We have to be careful we don't lecture, and we are not perfect at

Self: Jobhunting as Courage, Part 3

Joshua Ehrle on Unsplash Thank you for returning to the final part of this week's focus on Jobhunting as Courage. Parts one and two would be good to go back to if you have a moment.  I was and still am surprised by all the projects, creations and deep thinking I have done on my jobhunting journey.  So I'd like to share them in because they might be useful to you, but also to appreciate that jobhunting is very hard but not without value.  It is a time to see what we are made of.  And, whatever it is we find, let's accept it, keep moving, get support. Please don't isolate if joblessness is getting you down.  What I have created in the past several weeks on my jobhunt: - Job Desirability Matrix to know myself and filter with far too many search hits or emailed job leads -Roster and demographics research sheet to build my understanding of the setting I’d be in and build credibility -Schoology course on Newcomer support to show I can create online content using LMS -One-p

Self: Jobhunting as Courage, Part 2

Liam Simpson on Unsplash Welcome back, and if you missed part 1 , catch up there then come back here.  Today I continue a three part series about the role of Self as a Man in Many Roles.  I hope you get a nugget, make a connection, or benefit a bit from what I have learned (and suffered) the past few months, and that you find it to be authentic and coming from a very vulnerable place.  Let's get right to it! What I have learned about myself and the world in my 2020 jobhunt: My humor is mostly a turn off in interviews The harshest of critics are offering some truth Hard work pays off, and grows my character and resilience My experience is deep and wide and respectable in education The visual, boiled down, is critical in the modern age, and I’m not good at precision and concision..yet. I have a deep agreement with, (aka, nagging conversation with myself) “Why does it have to be so hard?” As a complaint, not a real question... I’m addicted to easy and I need to quit that drug, but lik

Self: Jobhunting as Courage, Part 1

Taylor Lastovich on Upsplash The goal of this blog is to explore our lives as we live out many roles.  My big plan is to publish every other weekday, so that means this week, it'll be Monday Wednesday and Friday. Today and this week, I'd like to offer some reflections and experience from my life as I've navigated joblessness, courage, the joy of victory and the agony of defeat on my job hunting journey. Because I know I tend to be wordy and that's a turn off for many, I will cut to the chase first, and elaborate if you care to read on.  I value your constructive comments, questions, and connections to what I'm sharing with a certain level of fear.  Vulnerability is scary.  Courage is a muscle, and I'm starting to work out more. Punch lines: Joblessness hits us hard in all our roles, but there is beauty in the pain. Gotta suffer to truly, deeply learn. Disruption is a gift. Feedback is worth it most of the time, and anyone willing to pursue feedback is worthy of

Leader: New Dog/Puppy Items I Use Daily, Practical Advice, Dogsitting Instructions Template

 ChaCha entered our family in August of 2015.  She was hyper, jumped on folks who came over, energetic and wasn't too much fun to walk on a leash.  She is a much better doggie now, and I have collected some advice and some products that I really enjoy using to have fun with "Chach".  When my sister in law decided to get Luna (foto coming soon), I decided to get on a video call and give my nieces and sister in law an orientation (face palm: why didn't I record that!?!?!)  Here's the email I sent her to recap, and it has links to great doggie products (and other product recommendations), chores for the kids, a Dogsitting Template and other info I hope you find helpful.  Enjoy! Here's what I shared with my nieces and sister in law as new dog owners: Dog items I use all the time and would recommend to friends product link notes/ why I like it dog training collar Amazon Three modes: beep, vibrate, and shock. I use the vibrate consistently and it's enough to