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Jesus is the most inclusive guy you’ve ever met

  Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash "'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6 NIV). At first glance, this seems overly exclusive. Jesus is the only way? But on further inspection, we find that Jesus' offer is quite unique from other religions and, in fact, incredibly inclusive." --Louie Giglio Jesus of Nazareth was from a small town, likely learned his father's trade as a carpinter, and lived in relative obscurity until about age 30.  His public ministry lasted about 3 years.  That's about 1000 days, and in that short time, he inspired about 120 folks to become committed followers. Within about 6 months of his death and burial and resurrection, his followers' numbers swelled to well over 3000 committed followers.  In about two generations the mediterrean cities had certainly heard of the Christ, and within a decade his followers earned a new name, "Christiani",

Songs for Terrible Times: Song 3: Friend by Jonathan Ogden

Friend, by Jonathan Ogden The Playlist HERE   is the YouTube Playlist that I am creating and adding to each time I release a blog, adding songs from that blog's reflection. I Really Enjoy Jonathan Ogden’s English version And, Xgracia's Spanish Version Reflections I love how the lines end on the attributes of God and powerful images: "Faithful/You are always faithful...Patient/You are always patient... And your kindness/Leads me to repentance"  what a power thought in terrible times! And this refrain: "All my sins you have covered/  You have covered for me/  All your love is like no other/  Like no other, Jesus"  repeats and such a good thought to return to.   This song is about simply appreciating the simplicity of being forgiven by a loving Jesus who is the best friend we could hope for.  It is not a head-hanging sad song, nor is it a self-hating song about sin, just simple appreciation for the center of Christianity: Christ died for each and every one of u