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Jesus is the most inclusive guy you’ve ever met

  Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash "'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6 NIV). At first glance, this seems overly exclusive. Jesus is the only way? But on further inspection, we find that Jesus' offer is quite unique from other religions and, in fact, incredibly inclusive." --Louie Giglio Jesus of Nazareth was from a small town, likely learned his father's trade as a carpinter, and lived in relative obscurity until about age 30.  His public ministry lasted about 3 years.  That's about 1000 days, and in that short time, he inspired about 120 folks to become committed followers. Within about 6 months of his death and burial and resurrection, his followers' numbers swelled to well over 3000 committed followers.  In about two generations the mediterrean cities had certainly heard of the Christ, and within a decade his followers earned a new name, "Christiani",

Father: Cultivating Faith as Fathers: Questions Dig Up the Deeper Motivations

Not a photo of our walk, but of Colin and I recently Just got back from a walk with Colin, my oldest son, and we had some great conversation about Faith, why to pursue God, what questions to ask yourself as you prepare to give your life to following Jesus.  Colin is a kid growing up with two parents who fell in love with each other after they fully committed to God, so he's growing up differently than his parents, and it's easy to say the right "churchy" answers when asked questions about his faith. So today we talked about urgency, and why anyone would be urgent to become a Christian.  Below are some questions and lines of questioning I think we might use to get our sons, daughters, and mentees to think deeply about their faith, and avoid the religious, goody two-shoes types of answers.  You see, kids in our church figure out pretty quickly that baptism is a big deal, and they get a fair amount of tunnel vision about that as their primary goal in their teen years. Fi

Songs for Terrible Times: Song 2: P E A C E

Peace, by Hillsong The Playlist HERE  is the YouTube Playlist that I am creating and adding to each day, adding songs from the blogs I will put out. I Really Enjoy Jonathan Ogden’s version Reflections What I love in this song is a few images: "I stand tall on each promise you made" "Dare anxiety come I'll remember/  That Peace is a promise You keep" Peace is a promise directly from God!  Not a promise of a pain-free life, but peace, centeredness, groundedness.  Even in storms and madness, we can have a peace far beyond understanding.  Peace that passes understanding ( Phillipians 4:7 ). Our hearts need peace right now, and often in "normal" times when there is not a global pandemic. The last lines are my favorite: "All anxiety bows in the presence  Of Jesus the Keeper of Peace  And peace is a promise He keeps" Jesus keeps his promise!  Anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus!?!  What a great image.  All t

Songs for Terrible Times: Introduction and Song 1: It is Well

It is Well, by Horario Spafford Intro to the Series I recently got the idea to reflect on and share some of my favorite songs for hard, terrible, trying times.  I'm coming out of one of the hardest work seasons in my life and now beginning this time of trouble with the virus. Each day I'm able, I will post another song, a reflection, and a couple of videos of that song.  I will add the songs to a YouTube playlist called Songs for Terrible Times . I want to share some of my go-to songs, the ones that consistently minister to my heart in the worst of times.  They are released in no particular order.  Please comment below about songs that you turn to when there are no easy answers, quick solutions, and life feels dark.   The Playlist HERE  is the YouTube Playlist that I am creating and adding to each day, adding songs from the blogs I will put out. Two Versions I Really Enjoy Jonathan Ogden’s version Audrey Assad’s version Reflections What I love