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Jesus is the most inclusive guy you’ve ever met

  Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash "'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6 NIV). At first glance, this seems overly exclusive. Jesus is the only way? But on further inspection, we find that Jesus' offer is quite unique from other religions and, in fact, incredibly inclusive." --Louie Giglio Jesus of Nazareth was from a small town, likely learned his father's trade as a carpinter, and lived in relative obscurity until about age 30.  His public ministry lasted about 3 years.  That's about 1000 days, and in that short time, he inspired about 120 folks to become committed followers. Within about 6 months of his death and burial and resurrection, his followers' numbers swelled to well over 3000 committed followers.  In about two generations the mediterrean cities had certainly heard of the Christ, and within a decade his followers earned a new name, "Christiani",

Leader: Finish This Year Strong and Persevere

Welcome to the Man in Many Roles Blog here in late 2020.  We made it to December.  Today's post will be brief and hopefully encouraging more reflection, as did the last post, on how to prepare our New Year's goals or resolutions now in late November. Honestly, any day can be the start of a new year, so this blog is relevant if you are just starting a season, in the middle of one, or ending a season.  Change is constant, but reflection and growth in many areas is a choice that requires sustained effort.

Whatever condition you are in when you find this blog, know, and consider the following:  

-Your heart matters.  

-Your thoughts and feelings and actions are all impactful and meaningful.  They communicate, but the message is not always clear. The others you relate to don't interpret your thoughts feelings and actions as you intend them to much of the time.

-You have inner work to do to live better, be more present, and live well in all your many roles.

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Please also know this: Questions are good. I hope one of these questions sticks in your mind, and causes you to pause and reflect.  That's the power of a question.  Some of them are like a song you can't stop humming.  I invite you to ask yourself open-ended questions about your impact on others this year, and consider discussing your reflections with a trusted friend. Or simply capture your thoughts on this unique year in a journal entry. I offer the following questions to ponder as you end this year and prepare for next year:

"How did my thinking change about my roles (self, son, brother, lover/husband, dad, leader, follower) change this year?"

"How did my attitudes and feelings change about my many roles this year?"

"How did my habits of action change this year in my many roles?"

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Finally, desires and hopes are life
.  They are air and water and shelter and food.  Invest time in your desires this December (or whenever you read this).  Don't skimp, don't rush here.  I set a timer every day to invest in writing about my gratitude or my hopes for heaven.  Set a daily timer in your phone right now, and start a note full of desires, goals or action steps (short- or long-term), things or people for whom you are grateful, or heaven hopes.  Every time that alarm goes off add, reread, or revise the items on the list.  If desires are life, just a sentence a day keeps death away.

That's it for today!  Your heart matters, questions are good, and desire and hopes are life.  Invest in your hopes and desires as you prepare for next year.  Even if you read this blog in June.

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