Black History Month 2022 Podcast Playlist

Black man looking up
Photo by Lucas Gouvêa on Unsplash
I have been LOVING the Man in Many Roles podcast, mostly because of the diversity of perspectives I get to listen to.  The diverse stories within the Black / African-American experiences have been shared with me by new and old friends.  They help to live more aware of my privilege, and they help me to engage with a little more humility and apologize sincerely when I misstep.

Here are twelve podcasts recorded in the past year that are all related to black history and the black experience in America that will stimulate your thinking, perhaps disrupt you, and hopefully inspire you to live well as you relate to those whose culture, skin color, and/or experiences are not like yours. More episodes will release in February 2022 as well.

BHM 2022 Episodes

BHM 2021 Episodes

This week's podcast: